Providing mental health services to fit your needs.


Mental Health Services


We offer in depth individualized psychiatric assessments. There is considerable confusion these days about what are appropriate approaches to mental health issues. Many socio-economic factors are pushing simplistic symptoms based treatments on individuals. At our service, you will receive the best psychiatric care available that will address your needs and concerns.


The push for evidence-based treatments has led to the promotion of simplified or manualized therapies that fit well into research models. The adoption of these models as "best practice" has been challenged by the many psychotherapists, as well as by the American Psychological Association. Proper therapy needs to fit the individual, rather than the individual fit the therapy.

Our psychologists provide expert integrated treatment modalities to fit your needs.

Alternative Therapy Service


Our acupuncturist analyzes individual's needs and potentials, using a therapeutic plan, physical fitness, nutrition, and life style inputs. As a consultant in fitness and overall well-being, her mission is to facilitate the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.